Richmond Home
Associate Professor of Rhetoric
Rhetorical Theory and Rhetorical Criticism
Rhetoric and Racism
American Political Culture
War Rhetoric
Visiting Research Scholar
Critical media & cultural studies
Critical approaches to advertising studies
Popular and consumer culture
Critical youth studies
Critical intercultural and global studies
Digital technology & transnational culture
Postcolonial studies
South-Asian studies
Associate Professor
Chair, Department of Rhetoric & Communication Studies
Visual rhetoric
Discourses of space and place
Cold War public address
Eastern European political culture
Director, Speech Center
Faculty member, Rhetoric and Communication Studies
Business & Professional Speech
Interpersonal Communication
Group Communication
Political Rhetoric
Public Speaking
Rhetoric of Contemporary First Ladies
Speech Writing
Theory & Pedagogy
Faculty Director for the First & Second Year Experience
Associate Professor of Communication Studies
Communication Education
Interpersonal and Group Communication
Communication Theory and Research
Associate Professor
Public memory
U.S. media history
Race and representation
Qualitative research methods
Professor of Rhetoric
Rhetorical Theory
Histories and historiographies of rhetoric; Histories and historiographies of ideas
Ancient Greek Rhetorical Theory, Texts, and Culture
Interdisciplinary Studies: rhetoric and writing, philosophy, political theory, women's studies, classics, culture/al studies, science/technology, humanistic inquiry
Administrative Coordinator
Visiting Instructor
Interpersonal communication
Relationship complaints/irritations
Power in close relationships
Assistant Professor
Computational/Digital Humanities
Visual Culture
Community Media
Politics of Representation
Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Communication Studies
Communications and media theory
Black studies
Decolonial theory
Cultural studies
Feminist geographies
Philosophy of communication
Science and philosophy of race