Richmond Home
Associate Professor of Rhetoric
Rhetorical Theory and Rhetorical Criticism
Rhetoric and Racism
American Political Culture
War Rhetoric
Visiting Research Scholar
Critical media & cultural studies
Critical approaches to advertising studies
Popular and consumer culture
Critical youth studies
Critical intercultural and global studies
Digital technology & transnational culture
Postcolonial studies
South-Asian studies
Associate Professor
Chair, Department of Rhetoric & Communication Studies
Visual rhetoric
Discourses of space and place
Cold War public address
Eastern European political culture
Director, Speech Center
Faculty member, Rhetoric and Communication Studies
Business & Professional Speech
Interpersonal Communication
Group Communication
Political Rhetoric
Public Speaking
Rhetoric of Contemporary First Ladies
Speech Writing
Theory & Pedagogy
Web Manager, School of Professional & Continuing Studies
Adjunct Professor, Liberal Arts
Member, SPCS Speakers Bureau
Adjunct Instructor, Rhetoric & Communication Studies
Social Media Marketing in Higher Education
Professional Writing & Communication
Influence of Digital Algorithms
Academic Research & Writing
Associate Professor of Communication Studies
Communication Education
Interpersonal and Group Communication
Communication Theory and Research
Associate Professor
Director of Advising, First-Year Seminar, and First- and Second-Year Programming
Public memory
U.S. media history
Race and representation
Qualitative research methods
Professor of Rhetoric
Rhetorical Theory
Histories and historiographies of rhetoric; Histories and historiographies of ideas
Ancient Greek Rhetorical Theory, Texts, and Culture
Interdisciplinary Studies: rhetoric and writing, philosophy, political theory, women's studies, classics, culture/al studies, science/technology, humanistic inquiry
Administrative Coordinator
Assistant Professor
Computational/Digital Humanities
Visual Culture
Community Media
Politics of Representation