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Dr. Nicole Maurantonio

Professor of Rhetoric & Communications
Director of Advising, First-Year Seminar, and First- and Second-Year Programming
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    • Grants and Fellowships

      International Faculty Seminar (IFS) – South Africa, University of Richmond, 2017-2018

      Edna and Norman Freehling Fellowship, Virginia Humanities (VH), Spring 2018

      Virginia Foundation for the Humanities (VFH), Fellow, Library of Virginia, 2017-2018

      National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Summer Institute, “Recognizing an Imperfect Past: History, Memory, and the American Public,” Georgia Historical Society, 2017

      Summer Faculty Fellowship, University of Richmond, 2011-2012, 2014-2017

      Institute for Critical Social Inquiry, Summer Seminar Fellow, “Racial Formations & Justice Today,” The New School for Social Research, 2015

      Program for the Enhancement of Teaching Effectiveness Grant, University of Richmond, 2015, 2011

      John Hope Franklin Center for African and African American History & Culture Travel Grant, Duke University, 2014

      Program for the Enhancement of Teaching Effectiveness Partial Grant, University of Richmond, 2014

      Community-Based Learning Faculty Fellowship, University of Richmond, 2012-2013

      Faculty Research Grant, University of Richmond, 2011


    • Awards

      2019 Engage for Change! Award for Contribution to the Institution for the Race & Racism at the University of Richmond Project

      2019 Distinguished Educator Award, University of Richmond

    • Presentations

      “Erasure, Monument Protest, and the Strategic Forgetting of History,” Falling Monuments, Reluctant Ruins, Johannesburg, South Africa. November 2018.

      “Confronting Pasts: Community Engagement and Empowerment.” With Free Egunfemi, Dom Harrington, Elizabeth Mejia-Ricart, and Irina Rogova. Annual meeting of National Humanities Alliance (NHA), New Orleans, LA. November 2018.

      “Confederate Memorials: Considering Ways Forward,” Wofford College, South Carolina. Invited speaker, April 2018.

      “Stretching Skins & Stories: Taxidermy and the Confederacy as Endangered Species.” Virginia Humanities, Charlottesville, Virginia, April 2018. 

      “Seeing the Unseen and Telling the Untold: Institutions, Individuals, and Desegregating the University of Richmond,” Lemon Project Symposium, College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA, March 2018.

      “Race & Racism at the University of Richmond,” Regional Digital Humanities Conference, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, March 2018.

      “`Your Vote Was a Hate Crime’: Remembering the Lost Cause in 21st Century America.” Troubling Histories: Public Art and Prejudice Conference, Johannesburg, South Africa. November 2017.

      “Public Memory and the Private University: Untold RVA and the University of Richmond’s Race & Racism Project.” With Jordana Cox, Free Egunfemi, Elizabeth Mejia-Ricart, Jennifer Munnings, and Irina Rogova. Annual meeting of Imagining America (IA), Davis, CA. October 2017.

      “Black Twitter Asks Rachel: Racial Identity Theft in `Post-Racial’ America.” With Leslie Stevens. Annual meeting of the International Communication Association (ICA), San Diego, CA, May 2017.

      “Doing Interdisciplinary Digital Projects: Opportunities and Challenges.” Inaugural symposium on Media, Communication, and Film Studies Programs at Liberal Arts Colleges (MCFLAC), Allentown, PA, May 2016.

      “Campus History as Public History.” Annual meeting of the National Council for Public Humanities (NCPH), Baltimore, MD, March 2016.

      “Materiality, Public Memory, and the Post-It Note in the American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar in Richmond, VA.” Annual meeting of the National Communication Association (NCA), Chicago, IL. November 2014.

      “At the Crossroads of Engagement: Intersections of Diversity and Public Scholarship.” With Glyn Hughes, Maria Avila, George Sanchez, and Amy Howard. Annual meeting of Imagining America (IA), Atlanta, GA. October 2014.

      “The Myth of the `Reluctant Symbol’: Rodney King and the Burden of History.” Annual meeting of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR), Dublin, Ireland. June 2013.

      “`When It Ended There Was Only One Way to Believe’: Journalism and the Bounded Visual.” Annual meeting of the International Communication Association (ICA), Phoenix, AZ. May 2012.

      “Recovering the Forgotten Past: Teaching Digital Storytelling, Memory, and History.” Annual meeting of the International Communication Association (ICA), Phoenix, AZ. May 2012.

      “Photographic `Proof’: Police, Black Panthers, and the History of Lynching in the United States.” Annual meeting of the American Journalism Historians Association (AJHA), Kansas City, MO. October 2011.

      “Archiving Crisis: Texts, Context, and Narrative Challenges.” Arts & Humanities Research Council Funded Seminar, Sheffield, UK. January 2011.

  • Publications

    Maurantonio, N. (2019). Confederate Exceptionalism: Civil War Myth and Memory in the Twenty-First Century (Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas).

    Maurantonio, N. & David W. Park, eds. Communicating Memory & History (New York: Peter Lang, 2019).

    Journal Articles

    Maurantonio, N. (2021). “Green Life Matters”: Place and the Politics of Environmental and Commemorative Justice, Communication, Culture and Critique,  https://doi.org/10.1093/ccc/tcaa032

    Maurantonio, N. (2018). Tarred by History: Memory, Materiality, and Protest. de arte, 53 (2-3): 51-69.

    Stevens, L. & Maurantonio, N. (2018). Black Twitter Asks Rachel: Racial Identity Theft in `Post-Racial’ America. Howard Journal of Communications, 29:2, 179-195.

    Maurantonio, N. (2017). “'Reason to Hope'?: The White Savior Myth and Progress in `Post-Racial’ America.” Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 94 (4): 1130-1145.

    Maurantonio, N. (2015). “Material Rhetoric, Public Memory, and the Post-It Note.” Southern Communication Journal, 80 (2): 83-101. Lead Article.

    Maurantonio, N. (2014). “Remembering Rodney King: Myth, Racial Reconciliation, and Civil Rights History.” Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 91 (4): 740-755.

    Maurantonio, N. (2014). “`That Photo’: Journalism and Bearing Witness to History.” Western Journal of Communication, 78 (4): 500-52

    Maurantonio, N. (2014). “Archiving the Visual: The Promises and Pitfalls of Digital Newspaper Archives.” Media History, 20 (1): 88-102.

    Maurantonio, N. (2012). “Standing By: Police Paralysis, Race, and the 1964 Philadelphia Riots.” Journalism History, 38 (2): 110-121.

    Maurantonio, N. (2012). “Entangled Webs: “Forensic Facticity” and the Construction of Police Work.” The Communication Review, 15 (1): 1-20. Lead Article.

    Maurantonio, N. (2008). “`Justice for Daniel Faulkner’?: History, Memory, and Police Identity.” Journal of Communication Inquiry, 32 (1): 43-59.