Department of Rhetoric & Communication Studies

Department of Rhetoric & Communication Studies

The RHCS curriculum analyzes and theorizes symbolic action across a variety of venues, including law, rhetoric, media, elective politics, history, resistance efforts, public memory, and relational dynamics.
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Book Talk & Discussion

Staged News: The Federal Theatre Project’s Living Newspapers in New York

Thursday, October 12, 4-6 p.m. | Brown Alley Room, Weinstein Hall

In 1935, a group of journalists and theater artists embarked on an unusual collaboration. With funds from the Federal Theatre Project (FTP), a Depression-era employment initiative established by President Roosevelt’s New Deal, they set out to produce news for the theatrical stage. Over the next four years, the New York–based team created six productions, known as Living Newspapers.

In this talk, Jordana Cox, former UR postdoc, will discuss her recent book, Staged News, which shows how Living Newspapers reimagined journalism and democratic participation in a changing news landscape. Then, turning to the present, she will consider possibilities that emerge from resonances with contemporary live journalism and experimental performance. How do the conditions of performance reconfigure journalistic conventions like objectivity, eyewitness, and immediacy? What might theatrical techniques offer to people seeking more just and equitable ways to make and consume news?

4-5 p.m. Talk
5-6 p.m. Q&A

This event is sponsored by the Department of Rhetoric & Communication Studies and the School of Arts & Sciences. 

Student Success

With its innovative bridging between an emphasis on critical/ethical thinking and a focus on the practical role of communication in public life, the Department of Rhetoric Communication Studies empowers students to find fulfilling careers and professional and educational experiences across a wide diversity of subjects. Our RHCS students have gone on from UR to make exciting, creative, and vital contributions to civic culture.

Rhetoric student Lindsey Frank, '23, wins Female Athlete of the Year Award

Lacrosse & Field Hockey and Two Sport Atlantic 10 First Team All-Conference Player Lindsey Frank, '23, was named the 2023 Female Athlete of the Year at the RVA Sports Awards.

Frank exemplifies all the positive aspects of sport and has made a positive impact on the Richmond community in 2022. Congrats, Lindsey!

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Faculty Highlights

Dr. Lauren Craig Tilton
Tilton and Undergraduate Awarded

Lauren Tilton, E. Claiborne Robins Professor of Liberal Arts and Digital Humanities, and undergraduate student Mia Lazar, '24, have received a grant from Virginia Humanities for their project, Digital Documerica: Picturing the Environment in 1970’s America. Digital Documerica is a joint project of The Digital Scholarship Lab and the Distant Viewing Lab.

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Dr. Timothy Barney
Barney Presented

Timothy Barney, associate professor of rhetoric and communications studies, was a featured presenter at Mapping Armageddon 1945-2045, sponsored by the UK-based Living Maps Network, which gathers researchers, community activists, artists, and others around the idea of mapping for social change, public engagement, and critical debate.

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Dr. Justin Wigard
Wigard Published

Justin Wigard, post-doc research associate in rhetoric and communciations studies, published a review of Stephen Graham Jones' Don’t Fear the Reaper for Los Angeles Review of Books.

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Dr. Ravynn K. Stringfield
Stringfield Published

Ravynn Stringfield, visiting assistant professor of media studies, published "A Duet with History: Lizzo and James Madison’s Crystal Flute" on Nursing Clio

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