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The RHCS curriculum analyzes and theorizes symbolic action across a variety of venues, including law, rhetoric, media, elective politics, history, resistance efforts, public memory, and relational dynamics.
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Armond TownsNew Faculty

RHCS is pleased to welcome Dr. Armond Towns to the department this coming fall. Dr. Towns earned his Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina and taught most recently at the University of Denver, where he was named "Outstanding Faculty Advocate" for his work on issues of social change. Professor Towns studies black radicalism, cultural studies, post- and decolonial studies, the philosophy and science of race, feminist and queer geography, and political economy. He has published research in a variety of journals, including Social Identities: Journal for the Study of RaceNation and CultureCommunication and Critical/Cultural Studies, and Women’s Studies in Communication. This fall, Dr. Towns will teach Rhetorical Theory (RHCS 103) and Philosophy and Communication (RHCS 412).

Congratulations to our departmental award winners:

Academic Excellence Award: Katie Brennan
Research Achievement Award: Emily Bradford

Emily Bradford, '18, was named a Fulbright Scholar finalist and will present her research paper “Interrogating Paradise: Tourism and Constitutive Rhetoric in Bali” at the DePauw 2018 Undergraduate Honors Conference in Communication.

Students in Dr. Tim Barney's Spring 2017 FYS course, "The Rhetorical Lives of Maps," have collaborated with UR's Digital Scholarship Lab (DSL) to produce an interactive map, "The Executive Abroad 1905-2016." The map tracks the growth of global travel by American presidents and their secretaries of state over the course of a century-plus, and will be featured as part of the DSL's American Panorama series.

Scholarship Repository Readership

The University of Richmond's Scholarship Repository shares faculty publications with a world-wide audience. The map below shows where articles from RhCS faculty are being read around the globe.

Faculty Highlights

  • Achter Article

    Rhetoric and communication studies professor Paul Achter published, "'Military Chic' and the Rhetorical Production of the Uniformed Body," in the Western Journal of Communication.

  • Tilton Podcast

    Rhetoric and communication studies professor Lauren Tilton discussed her project, Photogrammar, with Podcasts@Boatwright.

  • Tilton, Arnold Grant

    Rhetoric professor Lauren Tilton and mathematics professor Taylor Arnold received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to develop software that will analyze how moving images such as film, television, and news broadcasts shape cultural norms.

  • Barney Conference Paper Award

    Rhetoric professor Tim Barney's paper, “Citizen Cartography, North Korea, and the Visual Economy of Satellite Imagery,” was named Top Paper in Rhetoric & Public Address for the 2018 Eastern Communication Association Conference in Pittsburgh. He will present the paper at their conference in April.

  • Maurantonio Grant

    Dr. Nicole Maurantonio has been awarded a year-long fellowship from the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities for work on her book project, Changing Hearts and Minds: Memory, Race and the Confederacy in 21st Century Richmond.

  • Barney Named Distinguished Educator

    Dr. Tim Barney was named a 2017 University of Richmond Distinguished Educator at this year's Colloquy.

  • Maurantonio Article

    Dr. Nicole Maurantonio and Leslie Stevens, '16, co-authored, "Black Twitter Asks Rachel: Racial Identity Theft in “Post-Racial” America," in the Howard Journal of Communications.

  • Maurantonio Article

    Dr. Nicole Maurantonio's research on how journalism helps cover up systemic racism was featured in Journalism Research News.

  • Mifsud Podcast

    Dr. Mari Lee Mifsud discussed her recent book, Rhetoric and the Gift: Ancient Rhetorical Theory and Contemporary Communication, as part of the Podcasts@Boatwright Series.

  • Barney Profile

    Style Weekly profiled rhetoric professor Tim Barney's new book on the geopolitics of maps.

RhCS Feature Stories

Alum Resesarch Featured in NY TimesKristina Scharp, '06, had her research into family estrangement featured in the New York Times.
Lambda Pi Eta InductionCongratulations to the recent inductees of Lambda Pi Eta.
Monument, Museum, Media Course

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