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The RHCS curriculum analyzes and theorizes symbolic action across a variety of venues, including law, rhetoric, media, elective politics, history, resistance efforts, public memory, and relational dynamics.
Department News

Alex Duncan, '16 has been accepted to the National Communication Association's prestigious and competitive Undergraduate Scholars Conference at George Washington University from May 28-31. Alex will present his paper "Rhetoric & Revolution: The Reburial of Imre Nagy" about the power of memory and social change in the Hungarian Revolution of 1989 and its post-communist aftermath. He will be mentored at the conference by some of the communication discipline's best scholars.

Congratulations to this year's departmental award winners:

Academic Excellence Award: Meagan Benner
Research Excellence Award: Alex Duncan

Fiona Carmody, '11, will be attending the University of Michigan School of Law starting in fall 2015. Fiona has worked for two human rights non-government organizations since graduation and hopes to continue her work for human rights and social justice through the study and future practice of law.

Faculty Highlights

  • Achter Articles

    Dr. Paul Achter recently published a piece on "The Wire" on Huffington Post, and "Reluctant Conquests: Media Events and the End of the Iraq War.” in the forthcoming book, Communicative Perspective on the Military: Messages, Strategies, Meanings.

  • Barney publishes article

    Dr. Timothy Barney published "'A Tale of Two Vaclavs': Rhetorical History and the Concept of 'Return' in Post-Communist Czech Leadership." in Advances in the History of Rhetoric, Special Issue: Rhetorics of '1989' and After: Rhetorical Archaeologies of Political Transition.

  • New Maurantonio Article

    Dr. Nicole Maurantonio recently published "Remembering Rodney King: Myth, Racial Reconciliation, and Civil Rights History" in Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly

  • Mifsud publishes two new books

    Dr. Mari Lee Mifsud will publish A Revolution in Tropes: Alliosotrophic Rhetoric and Rhetoric and the Gift: Ancient Rhetorical Theory and Contemporary Communication. Both are due to be released in 2015.

  • Barney Publishes Book

    Timothy Barney's book, Mapping the Cold War: Cartography and the Framing of America's International Power will soon be published by UNC Press.

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